• Geocache NE Ohio this Weekend

    Geocache Pfalz Werla in Deutschland.
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    Northeast Ohio Geochallenge kicks-off May 23

    AKRON, OH – Outdoor enthusiasts with GPS units can combine the fun of state park outings with the excitement of high-tech treasure hunting this summer during Ohio State Parks’ Northeast Ohio Geochallenge.

    The Northeast Ohio Geochallenge is an opportunity for geocachers to search for hidden caches on Ohio state parks starting May 23 and running through Labor Day. Treasures have been hidden at 19 parks in northeast Ohio, including Cleveland Lakefront, Headlands Beach, Geneva, Punderson, Pymatuning, Mosquito, Nelson Kennedy, West Branch, Tinkers Creek, Lake Milton, Mohican, Malabar Farm, Portage Lakes, Quail Hollow, Guilford Lake, Beaver Creek, Jefferson Lake, Dillon and Salt Fork.

    Coordinates for the hidden caches are available on the official global positioning system web site for caches, www.geocaching.com. After logging onto the geocaching web site, treasure seekers can find the necessary information for the Geochallenge on the Ohio State Parks cache page.

    The first 100 participants who find the caches hidden in all 19 state parks will receive a Geo-Coin. The challenge will conclude on September 7.

    Most of the parks included in the Geochallenge offer campgrounds for overnight stays, along with a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities including swimming beaches, boating facilities and boat rentals, fishing, and nature programs.  Information about state park activities, facilities and special events is available on the Ohio State Parks web site, www.ohiostateparks.org. Reservations for stays can be made online as well.

    Children who visit state parks with their families and hike the trails while geocaching can receive credit towards the ODNR Explore the Outdoors Hike/Bike a Trail activity. Explore the Outdoors is a hands-on family program that gives Ohio children the opportunity to reunite with nature, improve their physical and emotional health and discover the rewards of becoming environmental stewards. Program information and downloadable activity guides can be found at www.exploretheoutdoorsohio.com.

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  • 12 Ways to be More Active

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    A Plan to get Outdoors more Often this Season:

    1. Forget the Fads- Adventure Racing is fun. So Is kayaking, Geocaching, Cycling and a thousand other outdoor activities. But if you’re just getting started, wouldn’t you feel better if you stuck to the basics? Hiking, camping, hunting and fishing all all well supported in this area. This means you can get the gear and training you need, and the opportunity to use both.
    2. Be Creative- OK. So you’re not gonna hike the AT this summer. And getting to the Alleghenies takes a little planning. But you can fit a thirty minute hike at the lily pond into you’re busy schedule, can’t you? How about taking the kids to Fellows, or a ride to Nelson-Kennedy Ledges after shopping at Eastwood? The point is, find ways to get an active lifestyle going, instead of giving up. Even Lance Armstrong had to start somewhere.
    3. Make a List- What do you like to do? What Would you like to do? Where do you want to go, Where have you been, and what have you missed? The more options you have, the better chance you have of doing some of them.
    4. Plan For Activity-Guess what? You’re to busy to go back to school, write a book, get that blog up and running, and get outside. Tough. Everyone else is too. But people do it all the time. It just takes a little planning.
    5. Make A Commitmentt-Why do you want to get out? To see more of your kids? So you don’t die? What Motivates you? Let Me know. Write it down below.
    6. Start Slow- New years resolutions don’t work.  Breaking one small habit does. Dieting doesn’t work: Eating a light salad instead of a burger every day at lunch does. Getting out of debt is frustrating: Paying off one credit cad is easy. Set smaller goals and nail them, and the big ones will come easy.
    7. Be Realistic- With all of the above, it’s important to know you’re own lifestyle and what can bend to make room for an active lifestyle.
    8. Be Flexible- Sometimes it rains. Sometimes you’re sick, or have to work overtime, or maybe the finale for Battlestar Galactica is on. That’s OK.
    9. Be Consistent- Ever Try to sleep in on a Saturday with a toddler? Guess What? The Human animal likes consistency. Do the same thing at the same time and it gets to be a habit, not a chore.
    10. Stick With It- Give it time. A week, a month- It’ll become second nature
    11. Forgive Yourself- And if you fail, that’s OK too. Just start Over and try again. No one but you cares, no one but you will judge you.
    12. Reward Yourself-And if you do find yourself becoming more active and physically fit, reward yourself. You Deserve it.

    So? What Are you waiting For?

    adapted from Montana PTA
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  • Geocaching In Northeast Ohio

    As GPS devices drop in price and go mainstream, the sport of Geocaching is also. Geocaching is a strange hybrid: An outdoor sport that uses basic skills, but relies on advanced technology. Participants hide small “Caches” in their favorite locations, write the GPS coordinates down, then post them online on a site such as Geocaching.com. Other participants then get the locations, and search for the hidden caches, just to experience new places and for bragging rites.

    Camping Tips:How To Geocache

    There are a couple local events Coming up for Geocachers in Northeast Ohio. These all come from the Geocahing.com email newsletter. Liks go to their site:

    • Mahoning Valley Cachers January Coffee Break
      Location: Ohio, United States (3.1mi S (5km S))
      Date: 1/7/2009 by Bigdaddy Mark http://coord.info/GC1J43J
    • QS&L M&G-Sharon (Event Cache)
      Location: Pennsylvania, United States (16.1mi NE (25.9km NE))
      Date: 12/6/2008 by KerBearhttp://coord.info/GC1FPCF
    • PAGA Social #12: Burrrrrr-ito New Years! (Event Cache)
      Location: Pennsylvania, United States (47.8mi SE (77km SE))
      Date: 1/3/2009 by Red 07Zhttp://coord.info/GC1JA54

    And Of course, New are caches to find:

    1. Plaza Stop (Traditional Cache) (GC1JEF1)
    Location: Ohio, United States (10.1mi S (16.3km S))
    Date: 11/25/2008 by L0NGCH1CK3N http://coord.info/GC1JEF1

    2. Thunder on the Run (Unknown Cache) (GC1J34V)
    Location: West Virginia, United States (34.1mi S (54.9km S))
    Date: 11/22/2008 by WVRadar http://coord.info/GC1J34V

    3. A # 1 (Traditional Cache) (GC1JEHA)
    Location: Pennsylvania, United States (38.6mi SE (62.2km SE))
    Date: 11/25/2008 by logsplitter1 http://coord.info/GC1JEHA

    4. Another Day at the Office (Traditional Cache) (GC1J7E8)
    Location: Pennsylvania, United States (44.1mi SE (71km SE))
    Date: 11/23/2008 by geodab http://coord.info/GC1J7E8

    5. Secret Shortcut (Traditional Cache) (GC1B79J)
    Location: Pennsylvania, United States (46.9mi SE (75.4km SE))
    Date: 11/22/2008 by geodab http://coord.info/GC1B79J

    6. Yo Adrian!!! (Traditional Cache) (GC1JBMF)
    Location: Pennsylvania, United States (50mi SE (80.4km SE))
    Date: 11/22/2008 by diddybug http://coord.info/GC1JBMF

    For More Information, Check Out Our Hiking and Geocaching page or the Steel Valley Geocaching Store

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